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Tranz<->Tech Toronto International Media Art Biennal 2003

by Dara Gellman

Toronto: Vtape, 2003

This edition of Tranz<->Tech presented an array of local and international artists' and curators' work from 15 countries. This Biennal had performances, installations, screenings, exhibitions and a symposium. The works in this edition explore several themes: fear, space, cloning, ritual, technological anxiety, to name a few.

Contents: Introduction; A Blueprint For Moving Images in the 21st Century, presented by Pleasure Dome; The Colin Campbell Sessions, presented by VTape; The UK/Canadian Video Exchange 2003, co-presented by Pleasure Dome and VTape; Fear Factory, curated by Chris Gehman & Greg Woodbury; VTape Emerging Artist Award: Gareth Long, presented by VTape; Space, presented by Trinity Square Video; Laurel Swenson: Sitting. Still. A Body of Anxiety, Technology & Hope, curated by Kathleen Mullen; A Secret Ceremony, programmed by Jeremy Rigsby; Irma Optimist: Well Done, curated by Paul Couillard; Tranz Tech Student Lounge; Tranz Tech Tour: Offsite Exhibitions and Installations; Pekka Luhta: Valid-War-Invalid; Towards A New Chinese Technological Era, curated by Davide Quadrio; SOUNDplay 1; Attack of the Clones; Schedule; The Olive Project: Two Minutes for Peace and Justice; Tranz Tech Symposium: Blasted Disciplines; SOUNDplay 2; Sound Sites; Spin; Triangulation; California lemon sings a song; Flambant Vu; inside out and backwards; My Love He's in Taipei, He's Giving a Concert There; Playlist; Psychotopes; teletaxi; The Differend; The Most Beautiful Things; Participating Organizations.

ITEM 2003.174 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Style on SkinJohannes Zits

Seeking GraceSara Angelucci

My Skin, My BodyAdrian Kahgee

The Impostor (hello goodbye)Daniel Cockburn

M-TheoryNikki Forrest

divineLeslie Peters

In the TheatreMike Hoolboom

You in love? You gonna be.Sarah Carne

Photographic MemoryTheodore Tagholm

BackcombSarah Pucill

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydePaul Bush

DeliriumMichael Maziere

Snow FarmSheridan Shindruk

HeavenJack Lauder (with Lloyd Brandson)

Le Beau JacquesStephane Thibault

The Numerology of FearJanine Machessault

PelletBug's Film Makers

Hostage: The Bachar TapesWalid Ra'ad & Souheil Bachar

Terror, Iraq, WeaponsMike Nourse

CondominiLise Brin & Jason Van Horne

Micro-cities RevisitedJanis Demkiw & Emily Hogg

UntitledDara Gellman & Leslie Peters

Four WallsPaige Gratland

Home Bitter-Sweet HomeDorit Naaman

HauntedHo Tam

MotherfuckersLaurel Swenson

FistfullLaurel Swenson

How to be a recluse (7 easy steps)Laurel Swenson

ListlessLaurel Swenson

SwingLaurel Swenson

WebbedLaurel Swenson

WindowLaurel Swenson

CherryLaurel Swenson

Messiah College: FoundationPawel Kruk

Language LessonsJeanne C. Finely & John Muse

ConundrumCane CapoVolto

HierophanieMikio Okado

OpenWu Ershan

UntitledZhao Liang

Sorrow Spaces Going Towards the NightChen Xianyun

ShoutingXu Zhen

A Line With a CoughLu Chunsheng

Hi, in the Backyard, Sun is RisingYang Fudong

UntitledKan Xuan

Happening on the Occasion of the Shanghai Biennale (documentary of the event)Fang Mingzhen and Fang Mingzhu

and her mind moves upon silenceVivienne Spiteri and Amnon Wolman

AparenthesiJohn Oswald

SitestreamDavid Gelb

PlacelinesTom Leonhardt

GoodWaterRene Meshake

North South East WestGraham Thompson

La Bulle (The Bubble)Bertrand Gadenne

Portraits. Play-backRebecca Bournigault

Portraits. VetementsRebecca Bournigault

Salle de projection (Projection Room)Natacha Nisic