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Rodney Werden: Ordinary Queerness

by Alvis Choi

Toronto: vtape, 2011

Rodney Werden's work takes interest in power dynamics, sexuality and the economy of desire. His work presents personal stories that challenge masculinity and the definition of normality. This essay, written and curated by Alvis Choi, ties Werden's work together by the idea of "character" going beyond fiction through the use of alter-egos, documentary participants and fictional characters.

ITEM 2011.137 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

I'm SorryRodney Werden

TypistRodney Werden

AM Radio Was His Only FriendRodney Werden

I'll Bet You Ain't Seen Nothing Like This Before...Rodney Werden

Pauli SchellRodney Werden

The Story of RedRodney Werden

Call RogerRodney Werden

Baby DollsRodney Werden

Money Talks, Bullshit WalksRodney Werden

Pig and Bear Go To MarketRodney Werden