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Feminist Film and Video: Women at this international conference met to discuss the form and content of feminist expression

by Nancy Johnson

Fuse, Aug. 1981, v. 5, no. 6 & 7, pp. 207-210

This article provides an overview of the First International Feminist Conference on Film and Video at which women met to discuss the form and content of feminist expression. Subject matter explored at the conference and in this article includes the politics of collective filmmaking, the use of film for social and political intervention, third world feminist film, lesbian aesthetics and film theory, documentary filmmaking, experimental filmmaking and the development of the international feminist film network.

ITEM 1981.002 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

DonnaYvonne Scholten

Sema Poyraz

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A Wives TaleM. Grazia Belmonti, Anna Carini, Roni Daopoulo, Paola de Martiri, Lorendana Rotondo and Annabella Miscuglio

AAA OffresiCollective Cine Mujer

El Primer VezMichelle Citron

Daughter RiteMaya Deren

Meshes in the AfternoonBarbara Hammer