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Bruce Nauman Live/Taped video corridor, Video Surveillance Piece: Public room, Private Room

by Dorte Zbikowski

CTRL SPACE, 2002, pp. 65-67

Karlsruhe: ZKM, 2002

This article describes Nauman's groundbreaking approach to video installation, naming him the first artist to explore the potential of the surveillance camera. Nauman's installations are simple constructions using closed circuit camera-monitor setups. The installations are designed to play with the distance between the real space, and the observers physical presence in it, and the image of the space as manipulated by the installation--the observer perceives both simultaneously, causing a disruption in perception.

ITEM 2002.080 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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Live/Taped video corridorBruce Nauman

Video Surveillance Piece: Public room, Private RoomBruce Nauman