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Tom Sherman: There's something perverse about this relationship...

by Peggy Gale

Parachute, 1990, no. 58, pp. 24-27

Tom Sherman's Exclusive Memory (1987) is examined by Peggy Gale through the psychoanalytic and media theories of Jacques Lacan, Christian Metz, and Marshall McLuhan. These theorists are used to flesh out an analysis of the subject/object exchange Sherman continually references in the course of his 3 hour tape. In Exclusive Memory, human-machine interfacing and the role of the viewer as robot are the main focus. Other themes such as original memory vs. machine memory, the interlacing of truth and fiction, mimicry and the prominence of the video camera/ machine figure as important tropes in Sherman's work. Gale compares their appearance in Exclusive Memory to similar modes utilized in an earlier tape, TVideo, made in 1980.

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