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Intelligent Artifacts: Technics and Praxis in Tom Sherman's Art

by James D. Campbell

C Magazine, June Summer 1990, no. 26, pp. 31 - 37

James D. Campbell utilizes the writings of technology philosopher Don Ihde to discuss the subject of human-machine interfacing in Tom Sherman's art. He asks the question he believes both Sherman and Ihde ponder: how are we affected by the omnipresent technology in our culture? Campbell states that Sherman, through interrogating the question - what is a robot? - enacts and explores active and passive viewer relations and the psychology of mimicry, i.e.: humans as machines. Through integrating primary devices such as T.V, computers, etc., Sherman wishes to control, shape and process an intelligent artifact for the purpose of further self interpretation. Campbell supports his argument through recourse to Tom Sherman's video tape/ installation Exclusive Memory (1987) and another work Robot Errors (1987).

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Exclusive MemoryTom Sherman

Robot ErrorsTom Sherman