Blasting the Past: TRANZTECH 2003

Blasting the Past: TRANZ<--->TECH 2003

This article is the third in a series of posts where we are looking back into Vtape’s history and focusing on past events that we have been a part of. In our previous two posts we examined the 1999 and 2001 TRANZ<—>TECH Toronto International Video Art Biennials and how these two events functioned to promote and celebrate a wide range of exciting new video work. In the third iteration of this arts festival however, the focus was broadened to include a much wider range of media that included performances, installation and web-based work as well. To reflect this new change TRANZ<—>TECH had its original moniker changed to TRANZ TECH Toronto Media Art Biennial.

With this inclusion of new media formats also came an inclusion of new collaborations and thematic explorations. Below is a block quote selected from the introduction of the Biennial’s catalogue that outlines these changes and briefly describes some of the key participating organizations:

“The 2003 Biennial presents an extraordinary array of local and international artists’ and curators’ work from 15 countries, through screenings, performances, installations, exhibitions and a symposium. Gauging the current of our times, and examining the resonances of the past, the works presented in the Biennial explore a complex assortment of themes: explorations of fear, cloning, ritual and technological anxiety intermingle with visions of justice, beauty, silence and new narrative structures. From the many collaborations of Tranz Tech participants with each other, the presentation of newly commissioned works, youth focused events and accessible ticket prices, Tranz Tech continues its commitment to providing a platform for the exchange of ideas amongst artists and art organizations and the support of diverse audiences within the Toronto arts community.


Video still from “Seeking Grace,” a video by Sara Angelucci that was shown as part of the 2003 TRANZ TECH Toronto Media Art Biennial.


From our original core group of just four organizations in 1999, Tranz Tech has evolved to include the participation of 21 organizations in 2003! This group includes some the most vital artist run centres, collectives, festivals and galleries in Toronto and beyond. In addition to the organizations that participated in 2001, Tranz Tech would like to welcome eight new organizations: Ed Video, famefame, Hard Press Collective, Inside Out Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival, New Adventures in Sound Art, Ping, terminus1525 and Year01.


Click here to view the entire 2003 TRANZ TECH Toronto Media Art Biennial catalogue.