Curatorial Incubator v.13: Labour, Land and Body

Curatorial Incubator v.13: Labour, Land and Body


Curated by Yaniya Lee
January 08 – January 28, 2016

Opening Reception:
Friday, January 8th, 2016, 6-8pm
(Screening 6:30pm follow by a q&a with the curator)


Labour, Land and Body: geographies of de/colonialism

This year, The Curatorial Incubator, v.13 – The Job of Life asked emerging curators to consider the changing environment we call “work”, once a place we went to; now just as likely to come to us, these curators have constructed programs that see labour itself with fresh eyes. Banal or exhilarating, fully public or deeply domestic, work is all around us. Each has done extensive research in the Vtape holdings and beyond to assemble their challenging programs of media artworks.

We open this year’s Curatorial Incubator with Yaniya Lee’s searing critique of environmental degradation interwoven with rays of hope and redemption through acts of resistance.

From the perspective of labor it is clear that violence, wrecking havoc on land and on bodies, is a fundamental mechanism of capitalism. The unspeakable terror of slavery created wealth: just as people were taken and transformed into property for capital accumulation, land too was transformed into property and mined for economic gain..

Yaniya Lee

Jude Norris’s Makekway Masinakatew (2003), 01:45.
Maya Ben David’s Insert Coin (2014), 04:05.
Grace Channer’s But Some are Brave (2007), 05:10.
Ursula Bieman’s Deep Weather (2013), 09:00.
Steve Matheson’s Apple Grown in Wind Tunnel (2000), 26:00.


image above from Deep Weather, by Ursula Bieman (2013)

Yaniya Lee has published two chapbooks, In Different Situations Different Behaviour Will Produce Different Results (2013) and Troubled (2014). She regularly hosts the Art Talks MTL podcast and has written for C Magazine, Magenta, Adult and Motherboard. Yaniya sits on C Magazine’s editorial advisory committee, is a founding collective member of MICE magazine, and is currently an MA candidate in Gender Studies at Queen’s University.