Curatorial Incubator v.13: This is Tenderness

Curatorial Incubator v.13: This is Tenderness


Curated by Nahed Mansour
February 19 – March 10, 2016

Open Reception:
Friday, February 19th, 2016, 6-8pm
(curator’s introduction and screening at 6:30pm follow by a Q&A session)
Curatorial Incubator v.13 Catalogue Launch


This year, The Curatorial Incubator, v.13 – The Job of Life asked emerging curators to consider the changing environment we call “work”. Banal or exhilarating, fully public or deeply domestic, work is all around us. Each has done extensive research in the Vtape holdings and beyond to assemble their challenging programs of media artworks.

We continue this year’s Curatorial Incubator with Nahed Mansour’s program.

Tenderness is an emotion assumed to be reserved for the domestic sphere, where ideally vulnerability can be exposed without the fear of public judgment. Yet as the works reveal, there are instances were labourers, purposefully or unconsciously, let their guards down, thereby allowing associations reserved for the domestic sphere – of both kindness and sensitivity – to emerge in the workplace.

Nahed Mansour

Katherine Jerkovic’s Bien chezsoi/Wekk at Home (2002), 06:00.
Barbara K. Prokop’s Nine to Five (2002), 04:56.
Liliana Vélez Jaramillo’s Gym (2007), 03:18.
Barbara K. Prokop’s Interview with Frau Krause (2001), 02:53.
Edward Lam’s Nelson is a Boy (1985), 14:00.
Barbara K. Prokop’s IIm Gesprach mit: Anne Scordel (2001), 04:56.
Saskia Holmkvist’s In Translation – Mohamed (2011), 10:19.


image above from Gym, by Liliana Vélez Jaramillo (2007)

Nahed Mansour is an independent visual artist and curator. She has curated works that center on themes of migration, Palestinian resistance, border issues, migratory flows, language, and labour. Her own art practice explores similar issues using video, installation, and performance. Her most recent works examine how racialized entertainers become apertures for thinking about racial identities and how they are exploited for the amusement of viewing publics. She is the Program Coordinator of South Asian Visual Arts Centre (SAVAC), and was previously the Festival Director of Mayworks Festival for Working People and the Arts.