Daniel Barrow Artist Talk Thurs., Dec. 6

Daniel Barrow Artist Talk Thurs., Dec. 6

Thursday, December 6, 6:30pm, Bachir/Yerex Presentation Space, 401 Richmond St. West, 4th floor.

TAIS artist-in-residence Daniel Barrow will conclude his 2018 residency with a presentation of his most recent live animations, alongside a retrospective of his past performances and videos. Daniel uses obsolete technologies to present pictorial narratives by merging the methods and cultural histories of cinema, comics, animation, and magic lantern shows.

He is best known for creating and adapting comic book narratives to “manual” forms of animation by projecting, layering and manipulating drawings on overhead projectors.

Co-presented with the Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS), this presentation expands upon Daniel’s dualistic, universal themes: good vs. evil, shame vs. pride, experience vs. innocence, and awareness of the present moment vs. an increasingly dark, and rapidly advancing future.


FREE ENTRY (seating capacity limited to 60; first come, first served)