Tuesday, November 20, 2018, 6:00-8:00pm

The Commons, 401 Richmond St. W., 4th floor

Please join us for a celebration of Vtape’s newest audience outreach project. The Vtape Website Gallery gives audiences around the world a chance to see some of the beautifully guest-curated programs that we regularly present at Vtape.

The inaugural program to be made available on our website is Autotheory, which was guest curated by Lauren Fournier and screened at Vtape on May 8, 2018. This carefully constructed program weaves together multigenerational voices into a complex and joyous conversation. Fournier has said that this program “…takes performance for video as a ripe space to reflect on the aesthetics, politics, and ethics of ‘auto-theory’…” Lauren Fournier’s extended essay “Autotheory and Artists’ Video: Performing Theory, Philosophy, and Art Criticism in Canadian and Indigenous Video Art, 1968-2018” will be posted on the Vtape website concurrently.

Autotheory: the screening will be available on the Vtape website Nov. 20 – Dec. 20, 2018



Evan Tylerfear, irony, and curating in the 90s, 2011, 04:35

Andrew James Paterson, The Walking Philosopher, 2001, 03:30

Hiba AliPostcolonial Language, 2016, 25:00

Thirza Cuthand, Lessons In Baby Dyke Theory,1995, 03:00

Madelyne BecklesTheory of the Young Girl, 2017, 04:21

Deirdre Logue & Allyson MitchellHers is Still a Dank Cave: Crawling            Toward a Queer Horizon, 2016, 24:32 

Martha WilsonArt Sucks, 1972, 01:25


Dr. Lauren Fournier is a curator, writer, and artist. Her research is focused on the histories and practices of “auto-theory,” contemporary feminist art and literature, and experimental approaches to narrative, theory, and art writing. She is the recipient of the 2018 Middlebrook Prize for Young Canadian Curators, and her exhibition epistemologies of the moon will open at the Art Gallery of Guelph in September 2018. A practicing artist herself, her video work is distributed through Vtape. www.laurenfournier.net

image credit: Madelyne Beckles, Theory of The Young Girl, 2017