Sincerely, Warmly: Collected Notes, Letters, Reflections, Beginnings

Sincerely, Warmly: Collected Notes, Letters, Reflections, Beginnings



The Commons, 401 Richmond, #452
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Please join us to celebrate the launch of Daniella Sanader’s text Sincerely, Warmly: Collected Notes, Letters, Reflections, Beginnings, which chronicles her ongoing work in the wake of her Vtape Research Residency in 2018. Taking her curated screening Sincerely, Warmly as a jumping-off point, this text poetically stitches together Sanader’s archival research notes, citations, and present-day reflections in an experimental format that explores the parallels between watching video art and writing letters: two forms of reaching out to someone who could potentially never respond to you.

Taking the form of epistolary texts, postcards from somewhere, mis-remembered narratives, and eavesdropping tactics, the works in Sincerely, Warmly explored the intimacies and distances of trying to communicate. At times sweet, mournful, introspective, silly, and voyeuristic, these works released some questions into the ether, questions that ultimately went unanswered: How are you? Where have you been? Can you hear me? Do you miss me?

Artists in the screening included Serena Lee, Colin Campbell, Maha Maamoun, Gunilla Josephson, Alison S.M. Kobayashi, Sharlene Bamboat, and Jorge Lozano.

Daniella Sanader is a writer and reader who lives in Toronto. Her reviews, essays, speculations, and oblique texts have been commissioned by a variety of publications, galleries, and artist-run spaces across Canada. She has curated projects for Vtape, Oakville Galleries, Open Studio, LOMAA, and Gallery TPW. In 2018, she was a participant in the Banff Centre’s Critical Art Writing Ensemble. She currently works as the Program and Publications Coordinator at Gallery TPW.



Image from Serena Lee, Stretto, 2016