The After Party

The After Party

Vtape presents

In response to the exhibition OMG, it’s a Party!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Who is the Party?
Does it sit in a house with a telephone?
Are its thoughts secret, its decisions unknown?
Who is the Party?

We are the Party.
You and I – all of us.
It is hidden in your clothes, it thinks in your head
Where I live is its home, and where you go dancing it works.

After Party is a panel discussion with Sean Lee, Nicky Lim, Xuan Ye, and Shellie Zhang, hosted by Alvin Luong. Concluding the recent exhibition at Vtape, OMG, it’s a Party! curated by Call Again (Henry Heng Lu and Winnie Wu), this panel discussion continues the exhibition’s purpose to expand and challenge the concept of party as a form of social interaction, as well as representations of a political entity. With the word play, issues covered will range from Asian Canadian cultural realities, the challenges for new cultural workers in Toronto, and the transmission of behavioural practices and social affiliations.

What does it mean to belong to a party?
How does belonging exist within a party?
With a declining trend of voter turnout are we in a time of after party?
Where are new parties emerging that can replace the current parties?

Image courtesy of Alvin Luong, featuring Utopia Social Club (2017)



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