Kyoko Michishita at Community of Images: Japanese Moving Image Artists in the US, 1960s-1970s

Our friends at Creative Cataloguing Japan in Philadelphia have just launched a remarkable, large-scale exhibition titled Community of Images, which explores experimental moving images created by Japanese artists and their connections to North America. Curated by Go Hirasawa, Julian Ross, and Ann Adachi-Tasch, the show includes Vtape artist Kyoko Michishita‘s influential first video, Being Women in Japan: Liberation Within My Family (1974). (This restored title is now in distribution with Vtape, with English subtitles translated for us by the artist!)

Despite the recent shock announcement that Philadelphia’s venerable University of the Arts, host of this exhibition, was closing, the show is going on! CCJ is raising funds to keep the gallery staffed and open. This exhibition has been years in the making, and it’s too good to lose. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, don’t miss it!

Image credit: Being Women in Japan: Liberation Within My Family, by Kyoko Michishita (1974)