Toronto Living With AIDS Cable Access Video Series (1990-1991)

Vtape’s Case Study for Archive/Counter-Archive consists of two parts: the first focuses on new forms of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) in the 1990s designed to function in conventional public venues for video (e.g. public access cable television); the second examines Toronto Living With AIDS, a 1990-91 public-access cable TV program made by artists and cultural workers to provide information about HIV/AIDS directly to affected communities.

This educational guide includes important contextual information for the series as a whole, including information on key participants, a critical reflection on the social, political, and media contexts, a glossary, and suggested further reading. It also suggests a list of five publicly accessible films from the series for classroom viewing, offering film synopses and discussion questions focused on this list.

To read and download the educational guide and to view the videos, please visit:

The Medicine Show, by Gregory Wight & James MacSwain (1990)

In addition to making an education guide available, Vtape and Archive/Counter-Archive are streaming five titles from the Toronto Living with Aids video series.

These videos are made available to teachers and instructors for pedagogical purposes only. 

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Watch Toronto Living With AIDS Cable Access Video Series (1990-1991) here: