Dangling By Their Mouths: The Collected Works of Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell

2008, colour/B&W, English


At last the maestro of Canadian bad wigs and video art is available in a deluxe 10-DVD set, featuring 30 titles. Meticulously restored and remastered, this set offers up originary moments, a classic six-pack of Woman From Malibu tapes, and mid-career dramatics, along with a closing quartet of works that saw Campbell reprising many of his early creaturely creations. All of his star characters take a bow, including Mildred the Ray-Banned widow, worldly Anna, Robin the innocent-turned-electro-pop-star, the gossip maven Colleeta-Sackville West, and the androgynous performance artist Colleena. With wry humour and a stylish, cross-dressing flair, Campbell turned to luminary artist friends like Tanya Mars, Johanna Householder, John Greyson, Lisa Steele and George Hawken to add heat to his video love songs. His deadpan wit and keen eye for framing has kept these in-camera sessions fresh well beyond the biennials and retrospectives that made Campbell an undeniable art star for four decades. Includes a catalogue, with texts by Bruce Ferguson, Gerald Hannon and Peggy Gale.

10 Disc Set with catalogue insert.

Disc 1
True / False, 1972, 9:00
Real Split, 1972, 12:00
Sackville I’m yours, 1972, 15:00
Janus, 1973, 18:00
I’m a Voyeur, 1974, 15:00
This is an Edit/This is Real, 1974, 17:00
Hindsight, 1975, 22:00

Disc 2
The Woman From Malibu series:
The Woman From Malibu, 1976, 12:00
Temperature in Lima, 1976, 10:00
Culver City Limits, 1977, 9:00
Hollywood and Vine, 1977, 22:00
Last Seen Wearing, 1977, 24:00

Disc 3
Shango Botanica, 1977, 42:00

Disc 4
Modern Love (part 1, 2, 3) , 1978, 90:00

Disc 5
Bad Girls, 1980, 60:00

Disc 6
He’s a Growing Boy- She's Turning Forty, 1980, 40:00
Dangling by Their Mouths, 1981, 60:00

Disc 7
Snip Snip, 1981, 30:00
Conundrum Clinique, 1981, 14:00
White Money, 1983, 8:00
The Woman Who Went Too Far, 1984, 10:00
Bennies From Heaven, 1986, 25:00

Disc 8
No Voice Over, 1986, 27:00
Black and Light, 1987, 53:00

Disc 9
Fiddle Faddle, 1988, 26:00
Skin, 1990, 18:00

Disc 10
Rendez–vous, 1997, 13:00
Déjà vu, 1999, 18:00
Dishevelled Destiny, 2000, 29:00
Que Sera Sera, 2001, 18:00

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