The Sinner Victim Saint & The Hag

Dominique Banoun and Eve Langevin

1993, 10:47 minutes, colour, English


Spellbound at first by the communicative power of paintings of the baroque period (beg. XVIIth to mid-XVIIIth century), we learned later, following detailed historical, cultural & iconographical research, of the real purpose behind the paintings: judeo-christian propaganda. We then undertook an iconological study of men & women, from that period. Many of these representations have their origins in much earlier myths, dating back to the matriarchal societies dominant before the arrival of Abraham (1800 B.C.). We closely studied the source of these myths, the political context in which they were created and their influence on our contemporary vision of both women's and men's roles. We selected the feminine archetypes of Lilith, Eve, the Madonna, Andromeda & the Hag. The masculine archetypes of Adam, the Christ and the Angel Gabriel are also present. We wished to reinterpret them with a critical eye whilst also showing the stunning persistence of these myths in modern times.

The computer animation and chroma-key technology help to communicate a magical & humorous universe where biblical and mythical characters reinvent their histories. Chroma-key technology allows for the layering or two images or video streams together.

Vidéo d'art habité par des personnages réels dans un paysage infographique surréaliste soutenu par la composition musicale originale de Ginette Bertrand Lilith cherche famille mythologique fictive perdue aux fins fonds de l'histoire. Venez retrouver les membres de cet arbre généalogique imaginaire dans les situations insolites et insolentes.

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