Dworkin Porn


1997, 11:00 minutes, colour, English


Dworkin Porn explores the dark side of the sexual revolution. Recycling 70s pornography into radical riot-grrl meaning.

In the late 80s my best friend and I were both politically correct lesbian feminists; our first exposure to porn was reading Andrea Dworkin's hyperbolic dogma about the penis being a tool of the Patriarchy. Both of us secretly and guiltily read the penetration parts that supposedly degrade women over and over again. We reread Andrea Dworkin for all the wrong reasons. Although I've become a pro-sex and pro-porn feminist and nemesis of Andrea Dworkin thought, I find it terribly ironic that I've used found porn footage to validate Dworkinist radical feminist rhetoric. Porn can reluctantly turn us on without our idealized consent but our fantasies do not mean our wishes. Dworkin Porn surfs that dark edge of visceral response and emotional repulsion. I guess I'm still confused about what part of the pro-sex feminism I'm an advocate of. I have a voluptuous promiscuous mind at night but a Lorena Bobbit identity during the day... maybe sex for women is still an ambiguous state of turn-ons and violent allergies.
Dworkin Porn is a study of visual minimalism. I wanted to only imply so that the spectator could constantly reinterpret the porn footage. Figuring the visual pauses and repetitions could be z place where the audience's internal images or uncomfortable emotions might be added to fill in a bigger picture. The experiment of Dworkin Porn I hope is that of an interactive horror.

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