Video Works 1994 - 2000

2000, colour

TAPECODE 9999.167

1. A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing 1998 4:21
A live sheep is outfitted with a helmet-mounted video camera and VCR packback.
2. Blow Out 1995 3:23
A video camera is attached to a popcorn popper.
3. Hocus Focus 1995 7:00
A video camera is brought to a fortune teller for its own crystal ball reading.
4. Untitled (Vacuum Bag) 1994 8:56
A video camera is placed inside a vacuum bag.
5. Flying Erase Head 1994 3:35
A video camera is placed inside a clothes dryer.
6. Untitled (Take Apart) 1994 40:10
After a video camera begins to record, it is placed in front of a mirror and dismantled screw by screw. A mirror that has been placed in front of the video camera helps it to record its own demise.
7. Deer Mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus) 2000 :50
Helmet-mounted video cameras are attached onto a deer and a mouse.

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