Just a Little Red Dot

TAPECODE 9999.168

JUST A LITTLE RED DOT--an excellent half hour drama based on a true story, by Sandalwood Productions, for elementary students. The storyline is based on a South Asian child but is reflective of anti-racism and inclusion of VARIOUS ethnicities of children in the film make it superb for every school class, especially those in elementary or junior high:When Parvathi, a new immigrant from Sri Lanka, enters the grade 5 class wearing a little red dot on her forehead, some classmates are curious while others express their racist attitudes. The tide changes when Parvathi gives her teacher a package of red dots or bindis (a South Asian cultural symbol) as a birthday present. Fascinated by the symbol on their teacher the other children rush to adorn themselves with their own little red dot only to be faced with the insensitivity and negative attitudes of their peers in the school yard. Realizing the hurt and the pain felt by discrimination, those children decide they must educate their peers. Together they create an ingenious solution and set out on a mission to challenge prejudice and spread the message of respect and understanding for people of all backgrounds -
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