Curtis MacDonald's "The Many Faces Of..."

Curtis MacDonald

2001, colour/B&W, English


1. I Can't Fucking Sleep At Night and My Toe Fuckin Hurts, 2:47 mins
One miserable day Curtis MacDonald accidentally broke his toe while stepping out of the shower. The reason you should give a shit is because Curtis will make you piss yourself laughing. Since the artist likes videotaping everything he thought what better moment than to capture his pain on video and make a piece out of it. He realized that he had some other footage that he hadn't used for anything else that would be perfect for the video. A ridiculous dream sequence and odd bits of memories compose this goofball self-reflective video.

2. The Date Part Two, 8:16 mins
A desperate and charismatic freak named Bruce is set up on a blind date by his friend Monica and goes to great lengths to impress the girl of his dreams. This piece is a dark satirical look at the awkwardness of trying to start a relationship. We can all be awkward in our own little ways when it comes to dating. Scenes from the film Dirty Dancing are used to juxtapose the smoothness of Patrick Swayze's hilarious sexy dance moves and Bruce's horrible attempts of being a seductive charmer.

3. Worst Video Ever, 2:35
Curtis MacDonald likes to rock, and his riff raff band The Renegades show it as they pound on their guitars with the ferociousness of Hurricane Hubert. They also have a soft side as well, with delicate love ballads that will make you feel like you're floating through a sea of dandelions. This is a brief experimental sample of this amazing band's rockin' power.

4. Videobarfface, 2:02
This is an experimental piece that explores the beauty of video feedback. The patterns generated take on a mesmerizing effect that brings the viewer into a suction o electronic video. The images dance and whirl to a score of wild music by Friendly Rich.

5. Lovey Dovey Sucky Shit, 2:19 mins
a brief daydream on the ups and downs of being in love. Features deconstructions of romance scenes from Hollywood films and horror movies. A lighthearted video that is a metaphor for intense feelings that everyone goes through whether they like it or not.

6. A Love Attack, 4:39 mins
Do you ever dream of a beautiful man to sweep you off your feet and sprinkle love potion all over your face and give you intense feelings of pleasure never thought possible? Yes, the love fairy does exist and he struts his ass around in Curtis MacDonald's "A Love Attack". You witness his seductive gaze as he shampoos his golden mane in a steamy shower and witness his power over the adoring public. Features an awesome musical score by Fabio, the romance novel cover model.

7. Divebomber, 3:59 mins
This piece is an experimental video that takes the viewer through a journey in the air over Toronto that turns into a bombardment of the senses with speed and video distortion. The busy highways of Toronto mix with images of a metallic snake coiling and slithering to a heavy industrial rhythm.

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