Watching Lesbian Porn

Dayna McLeod

2001, 10:30 minutes, B&W, English


A pornographic parody, Watching Lesbian Porn advocates the use of Feminism as Lesbian Foreplay. This ten-minute videotape is directed specifically at a Lesbian audience attending a screening at a Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

A monologue based tape,
Watching Lesbian Porn situates feminism as a weapon of choice for lesbians in the world of dating.

Arming herself with feminist texts from the likes of Judith Butler, Luce Irigaray, Laura Mulvey, bell hooks, and Andrea Dworkin, Dayna McLeod describes to her audience how flexible these texts are, and demonstrates how they can be used as foreplay when dating a feminist who is opposed to pornography.
Meanwhile, two "Porn Star Lesbians"
go at it in a 70's bedroom set behind McLeod during this monologue who is oblivious to their existence. Ginger Discovery and Lucky Chopps give a full-on, over-the-top performance that is charged with campy choreography and cheesy slapstick.
Amplifying this absurdity is a cheesy soundtrack complete with wa-wa pedal by Jackie Gallant.

Playing off of Lesbian stereotypes in "straight" porn, lesbian porn, and generalizations surrounding the nature of lesbian sex, Discovery and Chopps engage in sex-toy based sex and focus their attention primarily on these accessories and dildo phalluses. Dressed to the nines in sexy lingerie, wigs and make-up, these girls illustrate the absurdity of porn by employing all of the tools of the trade with a few surprises thrown in to make the farce complete. Whips, strap-ons, lube, scuba gear, and a Scottish tam number a few of the props used by this dynamic duo who exhaust themselves in close to a dozen different positions that have all been choreographed to be censored by McLeod's placing.

Far from being graphic,
Watching Lesbian Porn engages in physical blocking by positioning McLeod in front of the pornographic performance. Shifting slightly, she prevents the viewer from seeing too much of the action happening behind her, and creates a tension between herself and the Lesbian Porn Stars, and herself and the viewer. She becomes the mediator between the viewer and the "sexual explicit content" and acts as a feminist interpreter for viewers who prefer critical theory to visual stimulation.

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