Karma 2000

Karma Clarke Davis

2000, 05:40 minutes, colour/B&W, English


Inspired by the upsurge of visible incidents of youth violence Karma 2000 is a morality tale of transformation and redemption.

Set to a re-worked version of the Smith's classic from the 80's How Soon is Now a song about the hope of belonging, Karma 2000 explores the pain of the outsider and the fear of being alone.

Drawing on the artists own experience as a minority,her East Indian heritage and the philosophical meaning of her name, Karma 2000 is a work which explores the violator and victim in all of us.

Karma 2000 opens with the image of the shy protagonist of the piece, dislocated, and literally removed from the social atmosphere of a club. Leaving on her own, she is attacked when she leaves the club.
This undeserved and hate filled inccident of violence is the cruicial crux of the ensuing transformation.

Sprouting a third eye, Karma is enlightened as to her own inner strengths and finds the power to fight back.
With a tongue in cheek nod to ancient Indian Godesses seeking revenge-Kali and western icons such as Wonderwoman and Kung Fu wielding Blaxploitation heroines , Karma becomes a lightning-bolt sprouting roaring anti-heroine who fights the good fight.
Strangely, her attackers have disappeared, and we are left to wonder who exactly her rage is directed against.

In the end through the use of the technical re-wind function Karma is brought back to her pre-transformation state as prone figure, a victim of violence.
At the end of the work the main instigator of the violence, previously anonymous in his cowardly masked state is unmasked. He is back in the pseudo-club setting at the beginning of the work, and in essence has gone from violator to loner. Karma has worked it's power and it is now his turn to experience the pain of the outcast.

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Critical Writing

Karma Clarke-Davis
by Unknown. Images, 2001. Toronto: Images Festival of Film and Video, 2001.