The Box Project

Sharon Switzer and Sue Lloyd

2007, colour , English


a CD-anthology of commissioned interactive media works by Candian artists who work in a variety of media.

Michael Balser and Andy Fabo: Game of Art in a Box
To summarize the rules of the Game of Art, Fabo quotes Ginsberg: "You can't win." You can't break even". and "You can't quit". Andy Fabo is a Toronto artist, writer and teacher who exhibits nationally, and internationally. Michael Balser (1952-2002) was an artist, writer, curator and teacher working in digital media.

David Clark: Less Time
A digital interpretation of an Andre Breton poem. David Clark is a media artist and filmmaker who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and teaches film and media arts at Nova Scotia College of Art & Design.

Judith Doyle: fox : future
A chronicle of human / animal interactions, and the impact of ‘seeing’ technologies on our experience of nature. Judith Doyle is an artist, filmmaker and writer teaching at the Ontario College of Art & Design.

Michelle Gay: Experiments with a Reader (looploop, stretchpoem, futurenatural)
The genesis of installation works that use text and source code as an enterable virtual landscape Michelle Gay is an artist represented by Birch | Libralato Gallery. Art:; Design:

Sue Lloyd: Joybox
Hollywood love scenes between women are framed and looped: pleasure is prolonged, narrative punishment infinitely deferred. Sue Lloyd is a Toronto-based artist whose work has been shown across Canada and in the U.S.. She teaches in Visual Studies at the University of Toronto.

Steve Reinke: Finnegan’s Wake (excerpt)
Reinke recited James Joyce’s "Finnegan’s Wake" into a word-recognition program, and then recorded his recitation of the resulting text. Steve Reinke is an artist and writer best known for his single channel videos, which have been screened, exhibited and collected worldwide. He teaches at Northwestern Universityin Evanston, IL.

Sharon Switzer: Fortune
An automaton is paired with a series of fortunes that predict a mundane and humorously banal future. Sharon Switzer is a Toronto-based artist and curator whose media art has been shown across Canada and the U.S.

Barb Webb: Spirograph
Webb’s Spirograph-inspired prose pieces are from her digital work with popular toys of the 1960s. Barb Webb lives in Coe Hill, Ontario and uses memory as a trigger for stories.

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