Upwards Compatible: 2001 Opening Credits Sequence

Manuel Saiz

2002, 06:50 minutes, colour


Opening credits sequence for the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1968. This film lacks an initial sequence of credits and the video works as a supplement of the original film. The real names of the actors and technicians that participated in the movie in 1968 are credited in this new work. The design of the images that are projected has been formulated according to the parameters of the initial sequences of credits from feature films, especially from those of the American blockbusters, different of those of “art films” of directors like Kubrick. The names of the actors, that of the movie and those of the crew appear rhythmically in the screen, moving to the tempo of the music.

This 6 minutes video is made up of 18 takes of London Underground stations on the Jubilee Line. Each one of them corresponds to a title of credit title from the Kubrick movie. The letters move on the screen over the images of the spaces of the stations until composing, at the end of each take, the complete text of each one of the credits. The spaces of these stations are spectacular for their dimensions and their structures as belonging to a fictional space ship. Upwards compatible: Usable with a later or more powerful version of a product. The term is most often used to described products that have been superseded (in the supplier's terms) by a new one. If the superseded product is described as upwards compatible with the new version, it means that procedures and programs developed to operate with that earlier version will continue to operate properly, without modification, with the new version, but not vice versa.

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