You Are In A Maze Of Twisty Little Passages, All Different: Films and Videos by Daniel Cockburn

Daniel Cockburn

2009, 55:00 minutes, colour, English


Daniel Cockburn plays at the intersection of avant-garde and narrative cinema. Bringing together innovative storytelling strategies with structuralist experimentation, he breaks open day-to-day reality to reveal the strange codes beneath. Self-reflexive to the point of neurosis, Cockburn is fascinated with how moving images can illuminate the structures and rhythms of our lives; he is forever looking for hidden meaning in randomness and patterns in chaos.

Curator/Tour Coordinator: Jon Davies, Pleasure Dome with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. The tour includes the publication of a catalogue including essays by video artists Steve Reinke and Emily Vey Duke, author Sheila Heti, filmmaker Spencer Parsons, and theoretical physicist Lee Smolin.

Subtitling/translation of films and videos is a possibility; please inquire. Please note that the tour will also launch new video work made in 2009.

AUDIT (version 1), 2003, 3 minutes, super 8 w/ audio CD:
An animated attempt to graph the shape of a life and all the coincidences and repetitions which occur in it.

IdeaL, 2003, 3 minutes, video:

Canonized intellectual musings (Wittgenstein) meet modern cock rock (Faith No More) in a 1-to-1 syllable-to-syllable ratio.

Rocket Man, 2001, 5 minutes, video:

A karaoke video taking the lyrics and sentiment of the Elton John / Bernie Taupin pop classic at face value… and then puts a different face on them.

Metronome, 2002, 11 minutes, video:

A multimeter cinemajunkie journeys to the depths of his cranium (and beyond!) in search of the greatest lowest common denominator of them all.

WEAKEND, 2003, 7 minutes, video:

A videotape whose sole audio/video source is
The 6th Day, a Hollywood feature film about cloning.

The Impostor (hello goodbye), 2003, 9 minutes, video:

A circular lament in memory of a eulogy.

Nocturnal Doubling, 2004, 4 minutes, video:

If the universe doubled in size, would anybody know? One person does. This is his story.

Figure Vs. Ground (with Emily Vey Duke), 2004, 7 minutes, video:

A roving search across endless colour-fields gradually reveals a solitary singer, struggling to be heard over distortion and doppelgangers.

Stupid Coalescing Becomers., 2003, 3 minutes, video:

A narrator lashes out at the "little opposite rebellions" he sees everywhere, secret pieces of the univers¬e that obstinately refuse to follow time's forward flow.

This Thing Is Bigger Than the Both of Us: These Are Facts, 2007, 1 minute, video:

My friend has an idea for a movie about secrets - but he won't tell me what it is. The movie about his secrecy becomes my attempt to guess what his movie idea is.

AUDIT (version 2), 2005, 3 minutes, super 8 w/ audio CD
: An animated life-graph of coincidences and recurrences recurs, with a difference.

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