Diary of a Nomad (3 channel installation)

Jude Norris

2007, 28:00 minutes, colour


Approx 10’ x 10 x variable height.
This work is a projected video triptych, with imagery of a variety of often dispirit panoramas, lovingly collected during the artist's 'migratory cycles' between urban and rural, hi and low tech, indigenous and immigrant, etc, environments. The imagery is projected onto three perpendicular screens, hung like three sides of an open square.

The screens create a room within a room, softer than its container, who’s pointedly portable form explores the gallery as a culturally influenced ‘chamber of experience’ and the transitory and malleable nature of not only these, but all, experience. It is also a ‘nomadic’ structure, able to dis- and re-assembled at each new location or ‘camp’.

Each location is portrayed as a triptych, yet through the timing of the three projections, each landscape overlaps the next, creating movement between geographical spots that are often physically and/or culturally very different. These transitions may be simultaneously congruent and disconcerting. The viewer may stand within and/or walk around the screens, changing their vantage point and therefore relationship to the constantly changing landscapes, as well as further changing the relationships between the landscapes themselves..

The opening moments of the middle screen’s footage shows a walking buffalo cow. She and her seemingly endlessly walk (looped through editing) become a nemesis of the artist and her movement through the modern world.

These digital landscapes express multiple dialogues, becoming at once a celebration of the land, a critique and incorporation of western landscape traditions, and an exploration of how post-modern technologies and attitudes affect and/or translate into an inherently nomadic cultural approach to sustenance, lifestyle, and survival.

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