Overwriting & Overvoicing

Nobuo Kubota

2010, 20:40 minutes, colour


Dictionary definitions:

OVERWRITING: (First known use of overwriting - 1658)
1. To write on top of other writing.
2. Destroy (data) by entering new data in its place.
3. To get rid of information by replacing it with other information.

OVERVOICING: (The audio component)
1. To record (new data) by recording new data over it.
2. To record (new data) on top of already stored data, thus destroying the old data. (The overvoicing in this work is achieved by a "loop/phrase sampler", a digital pedal that has the ability to record and re-record another track on top of it ad infinitum.)


This video is divided into 2 parts.

Part I, is a geometric drawing in the shape of a diamond. It is drawn with precision, order and a formal, ritualistic procedure and is almost silent except for the sound of the pencil and the movement of the square over the white surface.

Part 2, is the overwriting within the geometric form combined with overvoicing. Both process (overwriting & overvoicing) applies my personal style of calligraphic brush writing and sounding vocal phonics.

The strategy for this video is simple: to make part 1 the antithesis of part 2 while maintaining the two parts as inseparable. It is also a way of creating a form which may be related to "abstract expressionism" but in a preconceived manner or procedure.

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