Id’s Its (Complete exhibition/ documentation walk through)

Deirdre Logue

2012, colour


Dominated by dramatic colours and controlled chaos, this suite of 13 video art installations by Toronto artist Deirdre Logue focuses on an expanded study of the exquisite tension between the interior self and the anticipations of the outside world. Leaning lightly on Freud’s somewhat archaic concept of the id and heavily on her physical performances for the camera, Id’s Its explores the richness of our malfunctions, psychic unrest, the power of the abject and our tendencies toward self-destruction. Moving between conscious and unconscious states, and on sanity’s sliding scales, Id’s Its is Logue’s most ambitious and polyphonic project to date.

List of works:
Crying with Colours, 8:51
Pond, 4:30
Willow, 1:13
Velvet Crease, 2:23
Hobbs Obliques, 8:00
9:11, 1:00
Flip Toss, 11:11
Eye Popper, 0:58
Dual Lunch, 11:44
Tiny Hooves, 3:00
A Small Loving Hand, 3:00
Rubber Talk, 5:18
Breakfast/Floss Forward, 6:36

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