Lisa Steele Collection 1972 - 1984

Lisa Steele

2013, B&W/colour, English


This 5-DVD compilation contains 16 titles – some with multiple parts – made between 1972 and 1984. It features a number of acknowledged classics of video art, including Birthday Suit – with scars and defects (1974), a work that has been the object of dozens of homages created by younger artists, and one that signaled Steele’s early consideration of feminism as a founding principle for her work as an artist. A Very Personal Story (1974) and The Ballad of Dan Peoples (1976) are innovative early works of narrative recovery. The compilation also includes a number of less well-known – and even unknown – works from Steele’s early oeuvre, such as a single-channel version of the rarely seen 3-channel work Internal Pornography (1975), and the only shot-on-film work in this compilation, This is Not A Home Movie, a 1984 Super-8 film commission that investigates women’s erotic film language.

The boxed set includes a 36-page catalogue, featuring a conversation between Lisa Steele and Martha Rosler, and essays by Joshua Thorson and Alissa Firth-Eagland.

Disc 1:
Juggling, 1976-77, b/w, 5:40
Know Your Turtle, 1976-77, b/w, 22:30
Outlaws, 1976-77, b/w, 16:40
Facing South, 1975, b/w/ 22:40
Internal Pornography, 1976-77, b/w, 3-channel installation, 34:30

Disc 2:
Birthday Suit with scars and defects, 1974, b/w, 13:40
A Very Personal Story, 1974, b/w, 20:08
The Ballad of Dan Peoples, 1976, b/w, 8:19
The Damages, 1977, b/w, 17:45
Makin’ Strange, 1978, b/w, 16:36
Talking Tongues, 1982, b/w, 9:30
This Is Not A Home Movie, 1984, colour, Super 8 transfer, 15:30

Disc 3:
Waiting for Lancelot, 1976-77, b/w, (7 part series), 78:55
Part 1 G’s Dream, 11:32
Part 2 I’m Having Trouble With My Heart, 10:17
Part 3 186,000 Miles Per Second, 12:17
Part 4 The View, 12:20
Part 5 Domestication, 17:12
Part 6 At Snake Spring, 11:00
Part 7 The Witness, 5:52

Disc 4:
The Scientist Tapes, 1976-77, b/w, (4 part series), 71:00
Part 1 Atlanta, Georgia/Cold Spring Habour, Long Island, 15:50
Part 2 By Commercial Airliner, 18:40
Part 3 En Route to Las Vegas, 19:20
Part 4 At a Later Date, 18:00

Disc 5:
The Gloria Tapes, 1980, colour, 55:05
Some Call It Bad Luck, 1982, b/w, 47:50

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