Generous Gesture (one-hour butt-massage video wallpaper)


2013, 60:00 minutes, Colour, Silent

TAPECODE 1048.00

Q: What would porn look like separated from the effects of capitalism?

A: Yes, it's a trick question. There isn't any way of detaching ourselves or our projects from our economic surroundings. It's possible, though, to make and distribute explicit erotic work that's less focused on the exchange of money.

Generous Gesture (one-hour butt-massage video wallpaper)
tries to engage with the traditional strengths of installation art, porn video and daytime television while striving to avoid some of the weaknesses typically associated with those genres. The result is a mesmerizing mashup unlike anything you've seen before.

Daytime TV contributes the core idea: instantly recognizable, story-in-the-moment moving wallpaper that can entertain in the background with the sound off. From installation art the piece borrows a commitment to temporal realism, a valuation of honest process and a joy in reconnecting brain with bawdy, while from video porn it has learned to go where the action is, close enough to blur the bounds between participant and voyeur for long enough to get off.

Born of a belief that art is finished (or its process is fully begun) when it bears a real gift for the audience,
Generous Gesture exists at the nexus of 3 genuinely pleasurable and relatively safe experiences, offering masseur, massaged subject and viewer a degree of access to each other while offering each a degree of protected anonymity.

Unscripted and unedited yet formally precise, shot on a tiny, cheap camera yet presented in true high definition,
Generous Gesture is assembled by an old porn pro but offers an authenticity that most 'amateur' content can never claim: It depicts 10 mutually pleasurable cashless encounters.

Plotless and perfect, 10 tails in one seamless hour. Porn as free as it can be. This is your smut on ADD.

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