VERB FRAU TV Season 1, 14 episodes

Margaret Dragu

2013, 257:35 minutes, colour, English


Season 1 of Verb Frau is artist Margaret Dragu's television show and experiment in broadcast. As Verb Frau, Dragu investigates contemporary performance art practice through conversations with international artists. Season 1 is a collection of fifteen episodes edited from VERB FRAU Live Streaming TV Broadcasts during her Big European Tour (Berlin and Belgrade), of May 2013.

1. VERB FRAU TV Episode 1 with Jörn Burmester 27:28
Very first in the live broadcast tv series, and Jörn is late and hung over as the night previous was opening of May Month of Performance Art Festival in Berlin. Verb Frau performs live art-aktions, plays her first Berlin video portrait, and finally after the arrival of the apologetic Jörn, settles down to a very hot chat with this wonderful artist about liminal space between performance and theatre.

2. VERB FRAU Episode 2 with Florian Feigl 25:13
Florian Feigl shares his LIVE strategy to create a Manifesto of How to Curate Performance Art with May Month of Performance Berlin community. Verb Frau loves Art Manifestos.

3. VERB FRAU Episode 3 with Anja Ibsch 10:22
Anja Ibsch watches Verb Frau’s daily Berlin Video Portrait, makes performance art-aktions for camera and is interviewed about making life/art decisions through chance processes like dice throwing and talks about the delicate arena of making art with pain.

4. VERB FRAU Episode 4 with Teena Lange 19:45
Teena Lange talks about the role of the artist/curator, artist/academic, artist/philosopher; how to make art happen and how to watch live performances. After creating a live art-aktion for camera, Teena and Verb Frau discuss the recent rash of re-do-ing and plundering the archives.

5. VERB FRAU Episode 5 Sonja Begalke., Margit Schild, Randy Lee Cutler 19:48
Three artists share their creative process around community, architecture, performance and “Zwischen” which could translate into “the art of the in-between-territories”.

6. VERB FRAU Episode 6 with Margaret Dragu 18:32
Verb Frau employs the classic television series’ plot twist of twin-ing or double-ing as in Dragu interviews Dragu about art, technology, democracy and drama.

7. VERB FRAU Episode 7 with Dani Ploeger 17:18
Dani Ploeger discourses over pornography, technology, sex and art, apps, UK riots, complicity and what LIVE means in London and Berlin.

8. VERB FRAU Episode 8 with Joël Verwimp 18:43
Joël Verwimp considers the nature/ethics of ownership, language, performance, photography and ethnography while explaining his problem with the concepts of both creativity and improvisation.
9. VERB FRAU Episode 9 with Lan Hungh 16:27
Lan Hung articulates why there is no difference between his art-making and curating; how he works with commitment, feeling and materials especially glass; and the thrill of making art in the moment vs planning.

10. VERB FRAU Episode 9A Special Episode 17:55
Verb Frau broadcasts a special Repertory Video Day of her Berlin video portraits with Month of Performance Art Berlin commercial by Francesca Romana Ciardi

11. VERB WOMAN Episode 10 with Panoply (Brooklyn) Esther Neff, Brian McCorkle and Valerie Kuehne 14:19
Three Brooklyn artists (sometimes working collectively as Panoply) talk over “wazzup with the opera” and relational art practice in terms both solo and together.

12. VERB WOMAN Episode 11 with Frank Homeyer 14:21
Frank Homeyer considers how learning to learn as a child through play informs his art practice; Frank and Verb Frau consider ritual, shamanism, spirituality, alter ego and dreams in live art making.

13. VERB WOMAN Episode 12 with Nathalie Fari 17:24
Nathalie discusses her works in public space, being an artist-producer in committed ongoing collaborations, and the body as a central medium to her practice.

14. VERB WOMAN Episode Belgrade with Dinka Pignon & Misa Savic 19:15
(NB: 2 pronouncating symbols on his name)
Pignon and Savic discuss Belgrade’s historic avant-garde art scene from the seventies with art making there today; as well as the nature of deconstruction, conceptualism and conspiracy.

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