VERB FRAU TV Season 3 Daily Web, 11 episodes

Margaret Dragu

2015, 27:11 minutes, colour, English


VERB FRAU TV Season 3 Daily Web Episodes 1 -11
LIVE! Biennale Performance Festival 2015 Vancouver, BC

Daily VERB FRAU TV postings for LIVE! Biennale Festival artists and public as well as international artists/viewers through LIVE! web site and social platforms. VERB FRAU enquires into the care, feeding, health and other body/mind/spirit concerns for the travelling artists as well as asking about their creative processes towards creating performance art.

Ep 1: LIVE! How do you Know when a Performance/Aktion is Done? 2:32
Daily yoga classes for festival artists and public

Ep 2: LIVE! What is in your Suitcase? 1:45
What do artists carry with them as they travel to festivals and biennales?

Ep 3: What does the Word “Performance” Describe Best? 2:39
A survey of festival artists and public about naming, nomenclature around that challenging word “performance”.

Ep 4: What is the Favourite Performance You have Seen and/or Made You Cry? 2:53
Artists and public describe important, seminal, life-changing, intense performances that they have witnessed.

Ep 5: LIVE! Daily Yoga 1:17
Daily yoga classes for festival artists and public

Ep 6: LIVE! from VIVO Archives part 1 - 2:39
Crista Dahl plunders the archives to read about performance and video art histories

Ep 7: LIVE! What is the Worst Response your Work has Received? 4:27
VERB FRAU asks the tough questions

Ep 8: LIVE! How are you Sleeping? 4:35
Artists and public are asked about their sleeping patterns during the festival

Ep 9: LIVE! from VIVO Archives part 2 - 1:40
Crista Dahl reads more from the archives

Ep 10: LIVE! from VIVO Archives part 3 - 1:05
Crista Dahl reads even more from the archives

Ep11: LIVE! More Daily Yoga 1:35
Daily yoga classes for festival artists and public

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