VERB FRAU TV Season 5: The 7a*11d Festival of Performance Art (2016)

Margaret Dragu

2016, 157:00 minutes, colour, English


Season five of VERB FRAU’s daily live web-streaming broadcasts were recorded at the 7a*11d Festival in October 2016. All nine episodes are now edited and ready for your video-podcast viewing pleasure on VIVO Channel and iTunes.

For those not easily bored and who enjoy that real time durational thing, all original live web streaming “dead” broadcasts can be watched on 7a*11d website

If you prefer the faster paced TV experience that includes theme songs, cut-to-the-Eifel-Tower visuals and Magic Ponies, then these 8 BRAND NEW EPISODES of VERB FRAU TV
are just what the Doctor MD PhD ordered.

VERB FRAU (aka Margaret Dragu) interviews local/national/international artists about topics/notions/ideas that are important to performance art while discovering intimate details about the artists’ personal creative processes. At the end of each interview, the artist creates
a 1 – 3 minute live Desktop Performance for camera and broadcast.
(NB: Because the Desktop Performances were so popular with both festival and virtual TV public, VERB FRAU hosted an all-day all-desktop performance event for Episode 6.)

Here is VERB FRAU TV Season 5 line up.

VERB FRAU TV Season 5: episode 1 with Kate Barry 17:51
Kate Barry talks about symbolism and representation in her performance practice and does a desk top performance with wine and paper.

VERB FRAU TV Season 5: episode 2 with Bartolomé Ferrando 16:49
Bartolomé Ferrando talks about conceptual art, poetics, and objects and does a sound performance for desktop.

VERB FRAU TV Season 5: episode 3 with Golboo Amani 18:24
Golboo Amani talks about community and relational practices and creates a desktop performance with a small library.

VERB FRAU TV Season 5: episode 4 with Chun Hua Catharine Dong 13:41
Chun Hua Catharine Dong talks about her performance/installation practice’s relationship with the camera and then performs a desktop performance with her travelling microphone.

VERB FRAU TV Season 5: episode 5 with Paul Couillard 17:14
Paul Couillard discusses the pros/cons of the festival/biennale format and why he is drawn towards and committed to creating durational performances.

VERB FRAU TV Season 5: episode 6 with All Day All Desktop Performances 26:03
No Interview – just non-stop Desktop Performances performed live for broadcast by
Adam Herst, Paul Couillard/Cindy Baker, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Leena Raudvee, Johanna Householder, Doyone/Demers and Berenicci Hershorn.

VERB FRAU TV Season 5: episode 7 with Elizabeth Chitty 17:28
Elizabeth Chitty talks about daily practice, embodiment and spirituality and then creates a desktop performance with VERB FRAU’s thoracic body.

VERB FRAU TV Season 5: episode 8 with Mikiki 18:13
Mikiki talks about combining/balancing his caregiver role as community health provider & and advocate with his role as a performance artist; then, Mikiki opens up and shares his purse for his desktop performance.

VERB FRAU TV Season 5: episode 9 (pre) rolling & (w)rapping 13:19
This bonus episode plunders the out-takes of daily pre-rolls and final day wrap-up with the assistance of Jessica Karuhanga and Michelle Lacombe the fabulous bloggers aka the eyes & ears of the 7a*11d performance festival.

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