Kinds of Caves and Wholes and Parts (performance)

Serena Lee

2017, 05:02 minutes, Colour, English, French

TAPECODE 2047.10

The last piece of the film programme starts: a silent video plays, alternating between claustrophobic digital collages of carpeted cat trees and a Russian Ragdoll cat named Tucker, posing amidst file folders, printers, and the angles of a grey, windowless office.

From the back row of the cinema, the artist sits behind the audience in the dark, singing, a cappella, a combination of
Desperado and La Vie en Rose (re-addressed to the feminine). The subtitles in the video coincide with the song, but instead of translation, they declare fragmented interpretations of carpet dreams, such as:
Sometimes, colour speaks louder than objects
How will anyone know that you feel this way unless you tell them?

An interior consisting of beige carpeted surfaces, the staring cat, and chalky white drop-ceiling panels under the glare of fluorescent light are paired with the swell of the artist's earnest singing. A dull pathos permeates.

This video performance work was commissioned by the Images Festival for a programme in tribute to Deirdre Logue.

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