Choreographies of Resistance

Rehab Nazzal

2017, 04:00 minutes, colour

TAPECODE 1021.09

Choreographies of Resistance is a multimedia installation which includes the following:

i. Through the Mask (video, 4 mins)
ii. Bodies in Motion (stop-motion animation, 3 mins)

iii. Soundscape of Bethlehem (sound installation, 6 mins)

Sculptural and Photographic Components (prints, objects)
iv. Drones (300 hand-made wooden slingshots)
v. Stones and shells of “crowd control weapons” found in the protests sites in Bethlehem.
vi. Photophobia (six photographic prints, 48x34 inches each, and one 51X36, all mounted on metal dibond)
vii. Resistance Dance (seven life-size vinyl prints)

Choreographies of Resistance builds on my longstanding practice of using sound, photography, and video to provoke thinking about the link between representation and systems of visibility, whether in the press, scholarship, or the arts. In attempting to render visible the invisible or shed light on restricted aspects of settler colonialism in Palestine, I adopt aesthetic choices that disrupt the image and its projection and presentation. These choices often include masking, obscuring, combining, or juxtaposing images from multiple resources. Other formal choices include muting the sound of films, or keeping the sound but omitting the image, activating still images through animation, using multilayered images, and abstracting figures to create a link or draw a connection between image and viewer and between past and present. I also use traces of archival images to raise questions and bring suppressed narratives to the fore. Representing the ongoing Palestinian struggle necessitates understanding and scrutinizing not only the present but also the past.

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