Straight Hetero Biological Woman

Chihota Rahel (Emma Heath-Engel)

2018, 04:48 minutes, Colour, English

TAPECODE 2003.01

This short film showcases the struggles of straight heterosexual biological women in recent times, particularly those with my body type, dark hair and dark eyes, and, often, women with North American Aboriginal heritage. Sexual violence towards us, is at an all time high. We are constantly labeled gay, transgender, transsexual, men, and eventually men replace us in the mainstream. We develop chronic health problems such as anorexia. We end up following a complicated alternative health regimen.

The three tableaux illustrate different aspects of the mentioned struggle. The first illustrates my Indigenous heritage. I am often called black, which is why I am in black, with a black mask. To conceal my Indigenous heritage for safety, the easiest mask I can wear, is a black one. The mask is removed, and my partial Indigenous heritage is revealed. The second tableau illustrates how women like me are often assumed to do sex work, which is false. This is a rare glimpse of my femininity, often hidden for safety.

The third tableau illustrates how strong women such as myself have to be, in present times. We have to be made of metal in order to deal with the racism which is thrown at us. But is it possible? The delicate balance of a healthy woman, is not made of metal – we balance fertility and reproductive health with a delicate balance of water, fat, skin, bone, muscle, and blood

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