Shapes of Facts

Yoshiki Nishimura

2019, 10:19 minutes, colour, No Dialogue

TAPECODE 2048.14

In this film, chaotically deformed newspapers throw us into confusion over the news articles and editorials.

Newspapers are expected to give us facts.  A fact is supposed to be specific and verifiable.

However, there are many different versions of each fact. It is difficult for us to know which one is reliable. 

The competing facts are causing difficult situations in our society
such as ’distorted diversity' and the divide.

The facts we work with form our own truths.
The truths that we are willing to accept make our realities of this world.

Conversations with a poet living in USA inspired me to make this film.

The USA has been experimenting with all sorts of diversity and divides and is showing one of destinations where diversity leads us.

After Trump became the president, the USA is divided with each side holding different versions of the facts. Therefore it is nearly impossible to discuss ideas. The following is an example of 'distorted diversity’.

The USA has been experiencing  an increase in public gatherings in support of ‘Identity Politics’ that is an important phrase for minority communities such as LGBTQ individuals, the people with dark skin, and the people having religions other than Christianity, these are people who need acceptance and recognition.

Until 2017 this phrase was not commonly used to refer to White Nationalists and Neo-Nazis. In the last two years, these groups have adopted to this phrase and methods used in public protest. So far, most of their facts are distortions, like Holocaust deniers, their ‘genetics’ are pseudoscience when compared to biology.

Messed up newspapers are a metaphor for different versions of each fact. These days, young people don’t read newspapers. They get facts mostly from the NET, SNS. There are more different versions of facts there.

This film asks us to consider how we build our views of the world.

Those images are 3D_computer graphics models made from a thousand photos taken from different viewpoints around the real newspapers by using  a photogrammetry technique. 

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