Conscious Machine: Part 2: Research Lecture

Jessica Field

2014, 24:00 minutes, Colour, English

TAPECODE 2096.02

The Conscious Machine: A Futurist Art Generator Lecture Video Series (2014 – in Progress)
This is a video project that is performed in three parts: the proposal lecture, the research lecture and the final results lecture. The project is informed by the Futurist manifestos, current sources of multiagent artificial intelligence coding practices, the results of an actual Artificial Life project and by the female body in how it is affected by the stages of motherhood from pregnancy, breastfeeding and the physical consequences of this visceral experience. The subject of the video is a female character who is creating a human being and nurturing it in the lecture series about creating an artificial life system that will surpass human creativity, making the human being obsolete. This artificial life system that is modeled on the misogynist Futurist manifestos. The video work oscillates between providing a believable coding model to feeling like a hoax. The project is built on the ideas and values of a dominant social order of what is important and good for society and shows that marginalized ideas and values are the core that realizes the dominant ideas and values. This irony is intended to question universal thinking and show the value of impartial judgement in seeing how something initially marginalized on a social level may be an integral element to achieve a technical advancement.

The Conscious Machine: A Futurist Art Generator: Research Lecture, August 2014 (23 min)
The second Lecture is focused on the research objectives of what this machine will use to provide evidence into how the machine will transcend human creativity that is based on actual coding designs. The model explained in the lecture is being used to create an artificial life project that uses evolution theory with multiagent learning. The female character delivering the lecture is breastfeeding which is evident by the breast pads under her shirt to show how her body is preoccupied with nurturing a human being’s growth. This film plays with tension in the perception of the sexualized woman with large breasts and the child rearing mother who is usually socially removed from any career-oriented task, opting to raise a child instead. This mother figure has a history of being marginalized as a liability to a research institution due their maternal obligations yet in this lecture they revel essential information to realize the creation of this Artificial Life project.

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