Claude Latour

Claude Latour defines himself as a videographer, digital photographer, graphic designer, documentarian and historian. "My drive is the protection of Aboriginal culture against the pressures eroding our traditional way of life and the lands to which we are barely holding on. Through my art, I engage in activism with the public-at-large to create awareness of the richness of aboriginal culture as well as the colonization of our territories and those of other people."

The influence of Latour's First Nations ancestry, the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg ("Garden River People"), is evident in his artwork, which includes sculptures, paintings, videos, and most recently, photo based images from the Pow Wow Trail. The works demonstrate how these events celebrate life within various First Nations’ communities. The artist is interested in both cultural and political statements that go against mainstream media coverage.

Latour has recently produced a video documenting Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun's performance,
Kitigan Zibi 2003: Shooting the Indian Act, which was exhibited at SAW Gallery. Claude Latour holds a diploma in Fine Arts from Heritage College in Hull, Quebec as well as a BFA from the University of Ottawa.

Artist Code: 545


Shooting the Indian Act: Kitigan Zibi 2003

2003, 10:15 minutes, Colour, English