The Hard Pressed Collective

The Hard Pressed Collective is a group of video artists working in support of a just peace in Israel/Palestine: Riad Bahhur, Richard Fung, Rebecca Garrett, Jayce Salloum and b.h. Yael.

The Olive Project was produced with support from Charles Street Video and the programs include videos by: Patrick Abboud (Australia); Jessica Allee, Shane Flores, Wago Kreider (USA); Omid Arabian (USA), Katinka Bock (France), Stephanie Bouvier (France), Michael Cousin (Wales), Ellen Flander (Canada); Kathryn Haddad (USA); Jamelie Hassan (Canada); Jennifer Jajeh and Huha Araj (USA); Kloie Picot and Muthana Al Qadi (Palestine); Video 48 & Meister (Israel); Kathy Wazana (Canada).

Grateful acknowledgement to Salah Bachir for additional support.

Artist Code: 043


The Olive Project: Hard Pressed (1 - 4)

2003, 50:00 minutes, colour, english, arabic