Michael Stecky

Michael is a Toronto based new media artist who creates videos, audio works, web sites and installations that explore ideas of consciousness or perception.

His videos have screening on Spanish Public Television’s Metropolis, on CBC television and at international festival in North America, Germany, Japan, China, Mexico, Brazil and Australia.

Recently Michael exhibited at the Wilde Gallery, Berlin and art fairs in both New York and Miami.

You can see other video work by Michael by searching for DrGravely on Youtube or visiting the Video Therapy Dispenser at

Michael is also represented by the Wilde Gallery in Berlin, Germany.

Artist Code: 476


Golden Room

2008, 05:11 minutes, colour

Magical Thinking

2005, 04:30 minutes, Colour


2004, 04:55 minutes, Colour

Bubble Canopy

2002, 04:40 minutes, Colour


2001, 01:40 minutes, Colour, English

Critical Writing

Nostalgic & Nervous: Even queers seem to prefer troubled childhood...
by Jon Davies. Xtra!, Mar. 31, 2005, no. 533.
Images 2005 A Sneek Peek
by Jason Mcbride. LIFT, Mar. 2005, v. 25, no. 2.