Erik Martinson

Erik Martinson is an artist and curator. His video Meadowland (2005) was made for Trinity Square Video’s commissioned program Affection. He has been a member of the Pleasure Dome curatorial collective since 2006. Erik has curated film/video programs and exhibitions for Art Star 3: Video Art Biennale at SAW Gallery (2007), Vtape’s Curatorial Incubator (2009), Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival (2010, 2011), the Images Festival (2012), A Space Gallery (2012), and the Art Gallery of Mississauga (2013), plus numerous events and screenings with Pleasure Dome. In 2012 he became co-editor of The Institute of Immaterialism with Cressida Kocienski. Erik was a participant in a Curatorial Intensive on Time-Based Media organised by Independent Curators International in New York (2013). He has worked in video distribution at Vtape since 2005.

Artist Code: 255



2005, 15:30 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

This Story Begins and Ends With Us: Basma Alsharif
by Erik Martinson and cheyanne turions. This Story Begins and Ends With Us, June/July 2012. Toronto: A Space, 2012.
by David Balzer. EYE WEEKLY, Jan. 29, 2009, v. 18, no. 14.
Where the Wild Things Are
by Erik Martinson. The Dark Arts: magic + intuition (curatorial incubator 6), 2009. Toronto: Vtape, 2009.
Traumatic Landscape
by James MacSwain and Mireille Bourgeois. Traumatic Landscape, 2007. Halifax: The Centre for Art Tapes, 2007.
Everything in my life, everything in yours
by Erik Martinson. Art Star 3 Video Art Biennial Exhibition Catalogue - 2007 Galerie SAW Gallery, Oct. 2007.