Katherine Jerkovic

Born in Canada to Latin American parents, Katherine Jerkovic grew up in Belgium and Uruguay. At 18, she settled in Montréal where she studied cinema (B.F.A. and Master's at Concordia University). She has since directed and produced many short fiction and experimental films, as well as two installations.

Artist Code: 780


BLEUI (Middle Sky)

2008, 10:00 minutes, colour, silent

Santitre / Without Title

2006, 02:20 minutes, colour/B&W, N/A

Le Chrome et la Rouille / Chrome and Rust

2006, 01:35 minutes, colour/B&W, N/A - silent

A Time to Dwell (Parts #1 and #2)

2006, 15:30 minutes, colour, N/A

Platinium Farewell

2005, 06:30 minutes, colour

Atlas sur L'aube / Atlas at Dawn

2004, 18:00 minutes, colour/B&W, French with English Subtitles

Bien chez soi / Well at Home

2002, 06:00 minutes, colour, Spanish w/ French Subtitles

L'éternel Départ / The Endless Departure

2001, 05:30 minutes, colour


2000, 08:00 minutes, colour/B&W, English

Critical Writing

Curatorial Incubator v. 13: The Job of Life
by Lisa Steele. Toronto: Vtape, 2016.