Oliver Husain

Oliver Husain is a filmmaker and artist based in Toronto and Frankfurt. Addressing a dialogue between images and objecthood, Husain’s projects often begin with a portrait of a person or place. He uses a wide range of cinematic languages and visual codes—such as dance, puppetry, and animation—to disassemble and subvert fixed readings of the original material. His installations, performances and films set up narratives that charm or fold the viewers into questioning their role as a spectator or subject.

Artist Code: 783


were here

2017, 13:17 minutes, colour, B&W, English


2013, 10:51 minutes, colour, English

Item Number

2012, 16:00 minutes, colour, Hindi and English

Purfled Promises

2009, 09:21 minutes, colour

Mount Shasta

2008, 08:00 minutes, colour, English


2008, 01:33 minutes, colour

Green Dolphin

2008, 15:00 minutes, colour, English


2005, 21:40 minutes, colour, English


2005, 08:20 minutes, colour, Bahasa Indonesian, English Subtitles


2005, 15:10 minutes, colour


2004, 03:45 minutes, colour

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Oliver Husain's Hovering, Alliterative, Epigrammatic Proxies
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