Jim Munroe

Jim Munroe is a "pop culture provocateur" according to the Austin Chronicle. After leaving HarperCollins for political reasons, he published five books, the most recent one a post-Rapture graphic novel. As well as his collection of short videos about videogames, Pleasure Circuit Overload, he has written videogame journalism for, eye weekly, and Community projects he has founded include The Perpetual Motion Roadshow, an indie touring circuit that sent 100 artists on the road between 2003-2007, and currently he is running the Artsy Games Incubator, a writer's-circle style group
facilitating artists without programming skills to make videogames.

Artist Code: 932


Million Dollar Gamer

2006, 02:54 minutes, colour, English

Mark Slutsky Reviews the Nintendo DS

2006, 04:24 minutes, colour, English

Freeware Rebellion

2006, 10:23 minutes, colour, English

Yoga Deathmatch

2005, 04:27 minutes, colour, English

Mario’s Pain

2005, 05:01 minutes, colour, English

My Trip to Liberty City

2003, 07:34 minutes, colour, English


2001, 07:25 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

New media resistance: Machinima and the avant-garde
by Elijah Horwatt. cineACTION, 2008, no. 73/74.
At the Galleries
by Peter Goddard. The Toronto Star, Dec. 1, 2007.