Dustinn Craig

Dustinn Craig began filmmaking when he started making skateboard videos as a teenager. He is an enrolled member of the White Mountain Apache Tribe, and is Navajo on his father’s side.

As an independent producer, Dustinn most recently completed a feature length biographic documentary about the life and times of the Famous Chiricahua Apache, Geronimo. This film is the fourth episode in the upcoming 5 part documentary series “We Shall Remain” produced by American Experience and slated to air in 2009. As part of this series, Dustinn also produced and directed 2 short films portraying contemporary Native Stories of connection to histories over a century back.

In 2005 Dustinn produced and directed three films as part of the re-instillation project for the prestigious Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. 2 short 6 minute films about the Havasupai Tribe and the Colorado River Indian Tribes in Arizona. The signature film of the exhibit is entitled “HOME”, a stunning half hour documentary that takes place across 3 screens and features the imagery of the Native Southwest and intimate perspectives articulated entirely by Native People. Dustinn is also a recipient of the 2005 Rockefeller Media Arts Fellowship.

In 2004 Dustinn produced and directed a film portrayal of the White Mountain Apache Creation Story told all in the Apache language, for the Fort Apache Culture Center and Museum. September 2003 marked Dustinn’s first national PBS broadcast of a personal documentary film included as the final film of the highly acclaimed 4-part documentary series “Matter’s of Race” produced by Roja Productions.

Dustinn has made it a point to strive to use his work to better represent Native American people utilizing a voice and perspective that is reflective of the reservations Dustinn calls home. Dustinn and his wife, Velma Craig, are looking forward to collaborating on raising their family, as well as collaborating on multimedia and film projects with positive voices representing the under represented.

Artist Code: 947


Interview with Einstein

2012, 09:56 minutes, colour, English

Grumpy Old Man

2010, 00:30 minutes, colour, English

A Snapshot in Time

2009, 10:21 minutes, colour, English


2008, 09:28 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

The Double Entendre of Re-Enactment
by Gerald McMaster. Toronto: Vtape, 2007.