Julieta Maria

Julieta Maria is a Toronto based new media artist with an MFA from York University. She works with a variety of media, including video, interactive video installations and web. Her recent work has been centered on video documentation of staged actions, exploring the experience of violence as an intrusion in the everyday relationship between the subject and the world. Julieta has participated in several international screenings and exhibitions, including Scope Basel in Switzerland in 2010, the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics in Colombia in 2009, and the Interactiva Biennale in Mexico 2009, among others. She is a co-founder of e-Fagia Visual and Media Art Organization in Toronto, where she is currently acting as the executive director. Julieta is a member of the board of directors of aluCine Latin Media Festival in Toronto.

Artist Code: 1004


Exercises In Faith: Embrace

2011, 06:00 minutes, colour, no dialogue, closed captions

Exercises In Faith: Plant

2010, 08:40 minutes, colour

Exercises In Faith: Cut

2010, 06:15 minutes, colour

Exercises In Faith: Bird

2010, 01:52 minutes, colour

Exercises in Faith: Soil

2010, 04:06 minutes, colour


2007, 10:00 minutes

Sea of words

2007, 03:00 minutes

The errant Palestinian

2007, 03:00 minutes


2005, 05:30 minutes

On Water

2003, 04:48 minutes


2002, 02:50 minutes