Alexandra Gelis

Alexandra Gelis is a Colombian-Venezuelan, artist based in Toronto with a background in visual arts. Her work predominantly involves photography, video, electronic and digital processes. Gelis’ work addresses the use of image in relation to memory, landscape and politics. She also works as an educator/facilitator, leading video and photography workshops aimed at youth in marginalized communities in Canada, Colombia and Panama.

In her current research titled The Panama Project, Gelis emphasizes the role of the artist as multidisciplinary inquirer who engages in multiple explorations of diverse methodologies in field work.

Her work has been shown in several venues in Canada, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Argentina and the United States. She has developed curatorial projects and video screenings, and programs for festivals in Latin America and Canada.

As a curator and video programmer Gelis have been shows in different festivals in Panama, Colombia and Toronto.

Gelis is presently an MFA candidate at the York University in Toronto.



2014, 19:00 minutes, colour, Spanish with English Subtitles

Kuenta (2 Channel Installation)

2012, 19:15 minutes, colour

Cooling Reactors

2011, 02:11 minutes, Colour, n/a


2009, 05:50 minutes, colour, Spanish with English Subtitles

Eviction Notice (3 Channel Video Installation)

2009, 16:02 minutes, colour, Spanish and English with English Subtitles