Doris Chase

Doris Chase has been a working artist for over forty five years. A native of Seattle, she studied architecture at the University of Washington, worked as a painter for fifteen years, then as a sculptor for a decade before entering the world of video. Her sculptural installations and pioneering work in video are recognized around the world. Chase's newest work in glass and steel is showing at the Friese n Gallery in Seattle and Sun Valley, Idaho. The Chelsea is currently on Cable Europe. She has worked with architects, museum curators, filmmakers, actors, writers, and dancers to develop commissioned projects for museums and public agencies. Her visual arts career has made her a leading lecturer across the country.

Artist in Motion, the book and video tape, by art historian Patricia Failing is both a celebration of a distinguished artist and a historical summary of the development of video as an art form, The forward is by critic Ann-Sargent Wooster and the video by Tim Lorange. Publisher: University of Washington Press.
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The Chelsea

1993, 60:00 minutes, colour

Doris Chase: Artist in Motion

1992, 30:00 minutes, colour


1989, 26:00 minutes, colour

Dear Papa

1986, 28:00 minutes, colour

Table For One

1983, 28:00 minutes, colour, English & French


1980, 29:00 minutes, colour, English

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Doris Chase
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